Getting arrested is a scary experience—not only for the accused individual, but also for his or her loved ones who feel a responsibility to arrange an immediate jail release. The good news is that a quick release can be facilitated through a bail bond. If you have a warrant out in Dallas County or if a loved one has just been arrested for a felony or a misdemeanor, you won’t want to wait to call Jail Birds Bail Bonds to get the release process started. We offer 24/7 service with an easy and simple process, which may be a breath of fresh air if you have worked with other bail bond companies before.

When your loved one has just been arrested, your focus should be on getting that individual out of custody so that you can seek legal counsel and learn all the details of what happened leading up to the arrest. To help you get a better understanding of how we can help, we’ve outlined how bail bonds work below.

Arrest and Arraignment

Following an arrest, an accused individual is kept in a holding cell as his or her case is processed into the court system. Not long after the arrest, an arraignment will take place to set bail, which is a sum determined by evaluating the individual’s criminal history, the potential danger he or she poses to others, and his or her likelihood to flee and jump bail. As soon as a bail bond is submitted to court, the accused may be released from jail, and the bond will serve as a deposit to ensure that the individual will be present at scheduled court dates. If the person does not show up in court, more severe legal consequences will follow, in addition to substantial fines and fees.

A Timeline for Posting Bail

Of course, you will want to get your loved one released from jail as fast as possible, but this cannot take place until bail has been set. At this point, our professional staff can step in and file the appropriate paperwork to post bail and get your loved one released. Bringing proper identification for yourself and the arrested individual as well as knowing the jail where he or she is being held will help to expedite the process of preparing paperwork and communicating with the court. We can often get a release worked out in less than an hour, but some cases may take several hours, depending on the circumstances.

Costs and Fees

The court will typically accept 10% of bail to release an accused individual when you work with a qualified bondsman to organize your paperwork. Cash or credit cards may be used to pay for bonds, but you may need a loan to secure this amount. We will help you with the appropriate payment plan, and there is often no collateral needed to secure funds. Fees may also be included in the cost of your bail bond, and we will provide a transparent breakdown of all costs involved—with no hidden fees or surprises.

Jail Birds Bail Bonds prioritizes customer service and a stress-free immediate release process. Contact us right away if you need bond services in Dallas County or the greater DFW area.

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