Bailable vs Non-Bailable

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When you hear about some people paying bail into the millions, it would make you think that pretty much any offense allows for bail. This however, is untrue. Though most crimes are bailable, the more severe ones actually do not allow for that privilege. Here are some reasons why not all crimes are bailable.


If the crime has the potential of getting them life in prison or even the death penalty, then it is a non-bailable offense. When a crime is this severe, it’s not even a question of if they can be released due to being a threat to to public safety.


Same as murder but on a larger scale.

Repeat Violent Convictions

If someone has been convicted of violent crimes such as rape, domestic violence or attempted murder on multiple occasions, there chances diminish greatly of being granted bail.

Getting Another Conviction While on Bail

If a person is already on bail and gets arrested and convicted for another crime, in most occasions  that person will not be granted bail again unless the court is completely positive that the defendant will not offend again.

Flight Risk

This gets determined by how severe the crime was, how much money and resources the defendant has and how many ties to the community. If a defendant has few ties to the community and has the resources to flee, there is a good chance that they will not have bail as an option.

Severe Drug Charges

If the defendant is facing the possibility of more than 10 years in jail due to drug charges, it is most likely considered a bailable offense. Contact a drug charge lawyer to help protect your rights if you are ever arrested for a drug-related offence. Then the legal landscape in New Jersey demands a seasoned criminal defense attorney who can effectively represent your interests. A visit to offers valuable insights into your options. With detailed information about various legal strategies and attorney expertise, this resource can guide you in making the best choice for your defense. Don’t navigate the complexities of the legal system alone—find expert help today. Look for the best Bakersfield, CA personal injury lawyers to help you.

So while there are some charges that are simply not bailable, the vast majority are and we are here to help you with any of your Dallas bail bonds needs!

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