Tips for working with a bail bondsman

Everyone can agree that having any type of run-in with the law can be a stressful and scary experience but this is especially true if you have never had one before and that interaction leads to an arrest. Not only is it a lot to deal with the booking process but after trying to figure out how to get released can also be intimidating. If you or your loved one decides to go the route of hiring a bail bondsman from a bail bonds agency to help negotiate your release, here are some tips to make it as easy and low stress as possible.

Have the basic information ready on hand

When you first call a bail bondsman or a bail bonds service, most likely what will happen is that they will request some preliminary information to help them assess what the situation is and how much of a risk they will be taking. Usually, they will start by asking for the following information:

1.) What detainment facility the person is being helped at and what their inmate number is

2.) Standard contact information such as name, address, phone number, and email

3.) Any information regarding a past record and information regarding what crime they are currently being charged with.

4.) What is the person’s bond set at

Figuring out the best way to afford the bond

Overall, the real reason why bail bonds are a better option for most people as opposed to going with paying a cash bond in full is that you will only need to come up with a tenth of the bond cost. This by itself makes it much more attainable for people to have the option to be released from jail but even then a tenth of a cost can be unaffordable if someone does not have savings or just access to a decent amount of money. Because of this, most bail bond agencies offer alternatives such as collateral, payment plans and the option of having an Indemnitor (also known as a co-signer) to help front the responsibility.

Wait to be released

On the bail bondsman is able to negotiate and complete all the necessary paperwork, all that is left is for the paperwork to be processed. This can take up to ten to twelve hours, however, for most, it can be done in less than one!

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